Copy writing

When I read the first iTunes description Deanne wrote for one of our apps I felt like I just HAD to buy that app, the text was so engaging and mouth-watering. Then I realized I was the developer and therefore already owned the app… – Katrin Draemann Barothy, Owner & Managing Director, justkidsapps

Why do app developers need to worry about good copy?

  • Most of your competitors are either ignoring or underestimating the importance of great copy
  • If you think of the information that goes into the iTunes App Store as a description of your app rather than as a way to persuade someone to buy it, then you’re likely losing out on sales.
  • Some argue that content and copy are essentially the same thing. Everything you write is an opportunity to provide a compelling reason to buy your apps. Website content, emails to subscribers and bloggers, advertising content, press releases – every instance of you talking about your apps is should be viewed as copy.
  • Good copy can be re-used so it represents great value.

If you need app outlines for iTunes, text for press releases or any other marketing copy then please contact me to discuss.