Make sure your entries into the giveaway count!

I hope everyone is enjoying entering and sharing the Smart Apps For Kids priority review giveaway. The initial response to the contest has been fabulous!

I wanted to alert some of you to the fact that your entries will not count if you don't add all the requested verifying information. One example is if you have entered the giveaway by saying you have subscribed to my blog – unless you confirm your subscription then your entry is not valid. The following users have indicated that they have subscribed when in fact they haven't, yet.

Kirsten F

Damir F.

Anna A.

Julie L.

Elpida V.

Annette L.

Neta H.

Kristen H.

Shoham D.

Craig W.

Mindy S.

In order to subscribe, first enter your email address into the subscription button on the right and click the green button:


You then need to confirm your subscription. You will receive a notification at the email address you subscribed with, which looks like this:



You have to click the Confirm Follow button. If you do you will then receive a confirmation email which looks like this:


If anybody has any questions about their subscription or how to enter the giveaway – please let me know.

Thanks and good luck!



  1. Annette Lutes says:

    Great program

  2. Thanks for letting me know…I honestly thought I was subscribed!

  3. i just did it. thought i was in before but i guess not.

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